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Value Creators

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We are investment managers, (re)developers, construction professionals, and asset managers focused on creating value

for our investors. Real estate uniquely provides an opportunity for the forced creation of value through the effective repositioning

of a property. Pepper Pike Capital Partners has given new life to outdated and under-capitalized properties across the Midwest and Southeast, all made possible by its creative and programmatic approach to real estate (re)development.


We are comprised of a diverse group of talented and entrepreneurial real estate professionals.

Our principals have acquired and (re)developed over 30,000 apartments homes, with a cumulative

transactional value in excess of $2.0 Billion+.

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We're not just buying an asset.

We're investing in a community. We seek

to understand the local market fundamental

 and demand drivers before considering

the asset itself. We will spend three to five years exploring a market before our

first transaction.  

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Our experience has allowed us to form close

relationships with brokers, managers, and owners. We are often presented with the "first look" at off-market deals, affording us the ability to negotiate deals with limited/no competition. 

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Pepper Pike and its affiliates acquire, renovate and manage each of the properties in our portfolio. Vertical integration strengthens our overall platform and supports our long-term investment goals.

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We are well respected in the market for our ability to close transactions quickly and at the agreed-upon terms. As owners, we stick to the business plan and only deviate if the market conditions support it. 


Our Strategy

Pepper Pike Capital acquires, renovates, and manages multifamily real estate on behalf of private investors, family offices, and institutional equity partners. As good stewards of our partner's capital we invest with a clear focus on strong cash flow, value creation, and, most importantly, the preservation

of value. Pepper Pike employs a value-add investment strategy, achieved through significant improvements to unit interiors, community amenities, and focus on efficient property management. 

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We invest in institutional-grade real estate requiring

$3 million to $30 million of equity. These opportunities are too small for large institutional investors, which allows us to acquire mispriced assets that have the potential to generate strong returns. 

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We are hands-on owners and asset managers, visiting our sites and interacting with our regional managers and on-site teams. This active approach allows us to have a real-time view of property operations and local market conditions. 

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It's easy to underwrite a deal, but it takes skill and experience to evaluate the impact of a confluence of factors on that investment. We meticulously examine all aspects of our underwriting assumptions and attempt to mitigate downside risk through conservatism.

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The majority of our renovations are completed within a short time frame, allowing us to purchase materials in bulk directly from suppliers and manufacturers. This allows for material costs savings in the (re)development

of an asset.


| Acquisitions

Pepper Pike Capital Partners’ Acquisition team engages

in the sourcing, evaluation, due diligence, and disposition

of compelling multifamily real estate investments. Having acquired over 30,000 apartment units since its inception, Pepper Pike Capital Partners’ acquisition team has refined

its acquisition processes, enabling the efficient application

of stringent investment criteria to potential opportunities. The team evaluates hundreds of deals each year, ensuring only the best opportunities reach the execution stage,

which has created consistent value for investors.


Pepper Pike Capital Partners’ Acquisition team favors investment opportunities in strong locations, priced well below replacement cost, and with favorable demographic trends that allow for capital appreciation. While currently active in Indiana, Michigan, and Illinois, our team continues to evaluate investments in new markets as conditions change and new opportunities arise.  The team has experience in 13 states and is currently assessing opportunities throughout the Midwest and Southeast. 


| Construction & Development

Construction specialists are the driving force of every project. Once the project is planned, the workers get their hands

dirty to make it a reality. We transform an outdated and undervalued apartment, into a remarkable and aesthetically appealing place for our residents to call home.

Our institutional discipline and extensive track record of turning an ordinary investment into an exceptional property, allows us to take calculated risks with regard to renovation aesthetics, floor plan, interior design, marketing, rebranding, and overall strategy under the Pepper Pike Construction branch.


| Property Management

When choosing one of our communities, our residents

invite us to be integrated into their day-to-day lives.

This isn’t a decision that we take lightly. Our only objective

is to provide the highest quality of customer service to our communities and the surrounding communities.

Pepper Pike Property Management ensures sustainable success by creating diverse and world-class trained

on-site teams. 

Over the years, we've developed and maintained a property management team that surpasses expectations on every level; all including tenant screening, coordination of tenant turnover, property maintenance, and financial management, all while upholding and enforcing landlord-tenant laws.

Working in tandem with the Pepper Pike Marketing department generates an active online and in-person presence that becomes imperative for growth and success; factors that make each of our tenants feel cared for. 


| Marketing & Design

The marketing and design departments begin working together from conceptualization to execution. By having both designers and marketers in initial routine meetings, harmony is created when visualizing the target audience, the message of our property websites, and their tone.

We utilize every tool possible to maintain and gain our prospects, that help enhance polarizing communities. Our team oversees and executes an active presence on reputable online ILS platforms, social media management and campaigning, CRM tooling, SEO optimization, as well as establishing both radio and billboard campaigns for our prospective properties.


In addition to Digital Marketing, our in-house Graphic Designers ensure that our portfolio is equipped with all

the elements required to perform at optimal level,

including logo design and branding, collateral print,

signage, and website management.



| Accounting

Our team of accountants handle the financial aspects of private, commercial, and industrial real estate sales, rentals, and purchases. They also perform the overall real estate asset management and bookkeeping duties for Pepper Pike Capital Partners. Our accountants manage the company

and client accounts throughout our entire portfolio.

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